Corporate Responsibility

Companies Who Are Taking Corporate Responsibility in Their Stride

As the turn of corporate business approaches to consumer preferences gears to an internet enterprise, the growth of traditional businesses continuously is strong. It is evidenced by the earnings this traditionally owned corporation collect annually. They ay are not out in competition with the web-based businesses composed mainly of small home based businesses. Ithe web-based approaches for these traditional businesses are an expansion that makes them more patronized in the long run. Taking corporate responsibility into action, they, therefore, have the more responsibilities towards the environment.

Implications of growth and the environment

Since the corporations are well-patronized, the need to be morally responsible for the task of protecting the environment is mandatory. Sorting out their consumer offerings will point to a specific challenge towards environmentally friendly practices in their business. It may need an overhaul in the use of materials that may affect the products, popularity among consumers. They might need to find leverage somewhere as the products get introduced back to the market.

The corporate sector calls the shots

Aggressively, some of the above mentioned corporations are involved in making the environment clean and healthy by the following actions:

  • Walmart has partnered with seeds suppliers of about 700 retailers that stream seeds, crop protection, and fertilizers products to farmers who grow edibles for the store. These products will aim at reducing soil wastes and be environmentally friendly. It has also encouraged the consumers to eat healthier by introducing¬†It’s “Great for You” campaign. It reduces the salt content by 13% and the sugar content of 10%. It makes them a good partner in educating consumers about the need to stay healthy.
  • ¬†British Petroleum is noted to be the most sustainable fuel friendly among the top corporations. Adopting the slogan “Beyond Petroleum”, it takes serious concern on the oil wastes in the diggings it has embarked on. The accident of oil spill it has caused in the Gulf is till being looked after on its fifth year. To take the cudgels, it has contributed a big amount in the support of developing the quest for alternative fuels like solar, wind, biofuel and hydrogen fuels. It publicly admits the merits of curbing climate change. Similarly, it is actively working on the improvement of its ecological approach.
  • Toyota Motors, the largest corporation in the manufacture of cars and car allied products has taken the call drastically. One company in the Bluegrass dates (Kentucky) is acting actively. From a local landfill, the company is converting methane to renewable power used as electricity in its Georgetown plant. It will lessen the effects of landfill gas that is damaging lands and waters in the area. An aftermath of the project is a cleaner air due to less methane contamination from the landfills. The area is now enjoying its merits that started early in 2015.

The big corporations who earn a lot from consumers have the full responsibility to care for the environment. It is showed in their actions to lessen the footprint of carbon in the way they manufacture their products.


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